Star Trek Picard 2.0: Not Now, Not Ever

At age 79, Patrick Stewart reprises the role of captain Jean Luc Picard, former captain of the USS Enterprise. Big [viewing] mistake. Now or never? The answer is never, now that I’ve seen episode one. And no, Patrick Stewart is not to blame, nor is the rest of the cast. Run of the mill script […]

Lethal Weapon: Boredom Weaponized – Please Shoot Me

Clayne Crawford, who plays Martin Riggs on Lethal Weapon, the TV series, will be replaced for season three by Seann William Scott. Apparently Mr. Crawford did something silly (American silly that is) and got dumped. The surprise is not that the actor is being replaced, but that the show has made it into its third […]

Sherlock lives. Who cares? Luther returns! A true detective is back

Idris Elba’s award-winning detective Luther, a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can’t always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions is returning for two special episodes in 2015, the BBC has announced. Unlike all those people who do not watch television, I actually do. Big fan of Doctor Who, who like Sherlock, […]