R U Ready 4 Rotterdam? The good, the best. Not the ugly

Rotterdam, British newspapers clearly have fallen in love with it. The Netherland’s second city beats Amsterdam hands down when it comes to value for money. Hey, we’re still Dutch! The Independent is the latest one in a long line of publications to confess it’s newly-found love for the city that is host to Europe’s largest […]

Japan In 4 Minutes

A spectacular clip that shows exactly what makes Japan so special. Can you blame me for falling in love with the country? You won’t after you watch this clip. I visited the islands in 2013. You find my travel notes, in Dutch, here. In Japan – 2015 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo. This film is […]

Rotterdam is hot and the world knows

In Februari I visited Rio de Janeiro to join the annual carnival. It is no doubt the biggest party on the planet. While I looked up the heavenly Brazilian city, I accidentally discovered some interesting facts about my hometown. Rotterdam is hot and the world knows it. In 2014 The Rough Guide awarded Rio the […]