Sherlock lives. Who cares? Luther returns! A true detective is back

Idris Elba’s award-winning detective Luther, a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can’t always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions is returning for two special episodes in 2015, the BBC has announced.

Unlike all those people who do not watch television, I actually do. Big fan of Doctor Who, who like Sherlock, that other Steven Moffat show, combines fantastic episodes with terrible ones. My favourite show is Luther, a brilliant Detective Chief Investigator, completely obsessed with his work. Not a happy fellow by nature, the London he lives in is dark and drab and the crimes bringing out the darkest of human nature do not help either.

Alice, his companion, is a psychopath, sociopath and genius, She is the cold as ice, dark scary version of Rose, Charlie Harper’s stalker in the American sitcom Two And A Half Men. Luther knows Alice murdered her parents but has never been able to prove it. Despite that they grow closer, Alice’ feelings for John Luther make her a bit more human, until is it time to kill again turning her into Luther’s avenging guardian angel. The last episode ends with the two of them walking into the distance together.

In typical BBC on and off format the show ran for three seasons (2010, 2011 and 2013) and rather unexpectedly today the BBC announced Luther will return in 2015 for two episodes. What makes Luther stand out besides the acting of Idris Elba and bizarre crimes his character has to solve, is the show’s dark and devious undertone contrasts sharply with Sherlock’s happy peppy kind of crime solving.

Masthead image by Robert Bye on Unsplash. Image has been edited.

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