My Little Linkedin Laboratory

Or how a certain Mark Z. envies me Dear scapegoats, the articles I share on Linkedin, reveal it all. The social media representative for serious professionals is no more a posh version of “look at my picture perfect Facebook/Instagram life.” Want some proof? Just compare the number of views for the various articles I post […]

Juicero: Press 666 for a Profitable Exit

What if venture capitalism is simply based on Keynes’ “greater fool theory?” From day one I knew I was an idiot. That never stopped me from asking stupid questions. Some time ago a bunch of nonicorns developed Juicero, a juice presser, a pretty complicated and expensive piece of machinery. Of course it was tasteful, sleek […]

Apple, More than Steve Jobs

Haunted Empire is certainly not the best book on Apple, but one of the few that discusses life after Steve Jobs. From the very first pages, it feels as if author Yukari Iwatani Kane has already reached her conclusions and is working diligently towards it. Not by accident, Kane spends one third of her book […]

Blendle is Going Nowhere Linguistic Monopoly

Forget Blendle: Micro payments won’t save journalism in the age of macro change. Pay per view platform Blendle originated in the Netherlands. Dutch publishers of any kind have an unique advantage over their Anglosaxon siblings: an obscure language. There are roughly 17 million Dutch. On top of that Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, […]

A change is gonna come the self-driving car

Whereas Uber initially focused on a single sector, self-driving cars are going to change the world. Therefore surprisingly the best example of why big business has no other choice but to get it wrong comes from one of today’s sharpest business minds and most successful CEO’s. Of course his only option is preaching to the […]

The Free Market is always right

By 1615 Galileo’s writings about heliocentrism, the earth moving around the sun, caught the ire of the almighty Church and even though he turned out to be right, in 1632 the Inquisition sentenced one of the greatest scientific minds of all time to spend the rest of his life under house arrest. Today, even the […]

Silycon Madness

“Total internet advertising spend cannot justify outsized valuations of social media products that derive revenue from advertising. There simply is not enough ad spending dollars in existence to support the gargantuan market caps.” Two lines from a leaked e-mail by Evan Spiegel, one of the most insightful comments I read in a long time. For […]