Rotterdam is hot and the world knows

In Februari I visited Rio de Janeiro to join the annual carnival. It is no doubt the biggest party on the planet. While I looked up the heavenly Brazilian city, I accidentally discovered some interesting facts about my hometown. Rotterdam is hot and the world knows it. In 2014 The Rough Guide awarded Rio the […]

All things Dutch

Sinnerman is Dutch. Who else would choose a name like that. The Netherlands are a mystery to most. Tourists flock to Amsterdam already high on the idea of legal marihuana before they leave Amsterdam Central Station. But there is so much more to Holland. Like every other country we have our quirks, but there are […]


Urban legend has it that one in ten conceptions take place in an Ikea bed. Not in Holland. I often joke that half of us Dutch are conceived on a bike. In other countries bikes are for excercise, in Holland they are a mode of transport, just as important as cars. One of the reasons […]